Accounting Services

Accounting services include preparing and interpreting financial statements, compliance with government regulations, budgeting, business planning and other administrative services.

Here’s why we are “the Cutting Edge of Accounting.”

Businesses have long recognized the importance of marketing in creating a healthy and vibrant business enterprise. Excalibur Management & Accounting, Inc., Excalibur provides skilled accounting services to help a business in the same way. Where marketing brings in more revenue, Excalibur’s accountants help reduce expenses and manage the life blood of the business.

We also educate the owners and managers of the business so they understand how to read and learn from financial statements. A business owner can only make the best decisions if he or she is fully informed of the financial state of their business, and what can be done to improve their financial state.

Using Excalibur’s accounting services your business can enjoy accurate and timely financial reports. This covers not only tax filing for the business but also monthly profit and loss reports (P&L) and balance sheets. These financial reports help the management team chart a profitable course for the business.

Good accounting always begins with good record keeping. This service can be done by you or by our accounting firm. If you hire someone in your office to keep your books, an independent accountant should review the work being done. This will provide outside verification and help prevent errors or internal fraud. Bookkeeping is an important aspect of running a business that should not be undermined. Bookkeeping basically implies the process of keeping full, accurate, up-to-date business records. Too often businesses will forgo the use of an accountant because of the perceived cost associated with having the analysis done. You’ve invested significant time and money to build your business, would you now cut corners on such critical information only provided by continuous accurate financial records?

Are you starting up a new business?

It may be time to talk with an Excalibur accountant. The most important reason for consulting with an accountant when starting a new business is to establish the company's correct business structure and tax and other governmental compliance.

For established business owners

Is your accounting staff able to take you to the next level?

A business owner often hires someone they already know and trust, such as a neighbor or relative, to do the bookkeeping for them. This person may have great intentions, and be a great person, but they may not be qualified to help the owner grow the business. A skilled and qualified accountant, auditor or tax advisor can ensure your records are accurate, complete and in compliance with Federal and state rules and regulations. At Excalibur, you will find an accountant who is interested in your success.