Tax Consulting and Return Preparation

At Excalibur Management & Accounting, Inc.,

Our tax service includes:
  • Personal and business Federal and state income tax return preparation – we can prepare returns for any state
  • Tax return amendments, when required, to reflect post-filing changes
  • Estimated tax payment calculation for individuals and businesses
  • Sales tax returns and deposits to appropriate revenue agencies
  • Payroll tax returns and deposits, including Federal and state SSA, W-2s, W-3s, Forms 940 and 941
  • Vendor-related tax forms including 1099’s
  • Detailed accounting and payroll services when your business gets too big for you to do it all yourself
  • Assistance with special tax situations including out-of-state returns, prior year returns, independent contractor and home-based business returns
  • Tax consulting services to ensure you pay the correct amount of tax according to the law
  • Large companies have a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) that oversees all the accounting and administrative functions of the business. You could have the same results without paying the huge salary and benefits package